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Practical Value of Newtools Geometry

Newtools is a new kind of geometry, reorganized to be more useful for people who build things. The usefulness comes from interconnecting the modular building patterns of basic geometry into one synergetic whole system. 


For 45 years, my work has been an expansion of many of the principle ideas of Buckminster Fuller and his Synergetic Geometry. I asked, ‘how can this information to made more practical to help solve local building problems?’.

Synergy is the behavior of whole systems unpredicted by the behavior of the parts taken individually. A synergetic whole system will always be more than the sum of its parts because each part 'knows' its exact relationship with the other parts inside the system. Change one measurement and all of the others change in unison to maintain a constant relationship.

This deep interconnectedness gives any builder a new perspective for understanding how fundamental structural integrity works; how a load can be effectively 'communicated' over the entire structure increasing its strength.

Newtools geometry and naturalmodular building techniques use a catalog of numerical and structural constants to organize basic modular building techniques into a kind of 'periodic table of structural interconnectedness'. 

Victor 3 Row 9_1_22.jpg

  What is Fundamental?

Newtools defines 20 geometrical systems as ‘most fundamental’. A geometrical system is a container that divides our local environment into three easy to define states: outside the system, inside the system and the thickness of the system itself. These containers have the ability to organize the parts inside so each part communicates with every other part.

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This website will begin by limiting our discussion to the five most basic polyhedra (geometrical systems), the Five Platonic Solids. Later the 14-sided vector equilibrium will be added in the Mapping Tool Kit. Eventually, we will expand our discussion to the first 12 systems (polyhedra).

5 Pla Sol 9_2_22.png

More than 2,000 years ago, the ancient Greeks defined these five systems as most fundamental because they share the 3 ‘regularity’ characteristics on their outside appearances.

1) They are constructed using just one shape

2) The edges of each shape are equal

3) The outside corners of each system are constructed using the same combination of shapes.

Only these five, out of all geometry, have these characteristics.

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