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  Sphere Family and the Hexapod

Fabiano and I are working on a variation of the hexapod where the hexagonal equator of the rhombic dodecahedron is used for the floor plan. 


Naturalmodular building techniques has a 4-way focus for new elements that need to be explored in modular building. The first is a modular wall system that can be manufactured in a factory and assembled on site. The second is the exploration of options for reflected light to illuminate the structure throughout the day by bouncing off a surface, passing through a window to be reflected on the dome-like surface of the ceiling. Another is space saving options for bathrooms, staircases and kitchens. Lastly, rethinking roofs to have more options for the placement of solar panels.

Here you see Fabiano has placed the staircase in the center of three hexagons thus using the least amount of floor space. Staircases generally eat up a lot of space but here that is minimized.

These are studies of possible ideas for modular building patterns. Here the structure of the rhombic dodecahedron is shown relative to the tetrahedron's structure. This 3-way hexagonal floorplan needs many people exploring it.


This portal is still under construction. 

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