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Naturalmodular Building Techniques
A New Kind of Modular Building
Old School is New Again
Newtools Geometry

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Practical Expansion of Many of Buckminster Fuller Ideas 

Using Physical Model Building that Encourages

Old School Tactile Learning


This website shows how

"Everything is Connected to Everything Else"


That allows you to

"Do More by Using Less"


Which could lead to the

Lowering of the Cost of Modular Housing


Naturalmodular Building Techniques

 Accomplishes this by the

Reorganization of Basic Geometry to 
Catalog Fundamental Modular Building Patterns Found in Nature




Containment Abilities

Physical Model Building

Inside basic geometry is a catalog of modular building patterns. Naturalmodular building techniques provides any builder with the 'tools' necessary to explore fundamental structure on your own to find solutions to your local building problems.

These tools train you to think in whole systems, constantly looking for the interconnectedness among the parts of the whole.

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To navigate the material I have organized this large body of information into six portals. In the first four we will limit our explorations to the simplest polyhedra (geometrical systems) called the Five Platonic Solids. We will add the vector equilibrium (VE) in the mapping section as our outside limit of the center's influence. The practical advantages of Newtools/naturalmodular can be shown with the simplest of structures without information overload. Overall, Newtools defines 20 geometrical systems as most fundamental.

In portal 5 we expand our exploration to the 1st 12 systems. This allows us a greater pool of available modular building patterns. Portal 6 is still under construction in the 'Your Future' section. I encourage anyone to point out typos or miscalculations so I may correct them.


Below are three comprehensive videos. The first is a detail explanation of how to use the portals. The first five portals each have a section of this video so you have the specific information for each one. The second is a generalized introduction to this work. The third is a discussion of 6 core ideas behind naturalmodualr building techniques.

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